At In Memory Of You, we understand the pain and heartbreak that comes with the loss of a child. We are here to offer support and provide a therapeutic outlet for parents who are navigating the difficult journey of grief.

Use the discount code CuddleCot to receive $5 off your purchase of our top-selling product, the In Memory of You: Guided Baby Memory Journal. This guided journal provides a safe and comforting space for bereaved parents to record precious memories of their little ones, honoring their lives and preserving their legacies.

The author, Autumn, experienced the devastating loss of her own child, Bastion Porter. It was this personal tragedy that inspired her to create the In Memory of You journal, as a way to help other parents cope with their own grief. To learn more about Autumn's story and her journey through baby loss, please visit

We strive to provide a supportive and understanding community for parents who have experienced the unimaginable. Our books are designed to offer solace, healing, and a sense of connection during this difficult time. We believe that every baby's life, no matter how brief, deserves to be cherished and remembered.

While our focus is on helping parents cope with the loss of a child, we also offer additional resources to support families during the holiday season. Our book, "Eden and Ellie's Christmas is Not the Same," offers a gentle story that provides comfort and understanding for families experiencing grief during the holidays. It serves as a reminder that they are not alone in their feelings and that there is hope for healing.

Thank you for considering In Memory Of You as a source of support and healing. We are here for you every step of the way.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of loss is this book recommended for?

We recommend In Memory Of You for parents who lost their baby during pregnancy or after birth, specifically in the 2nd or 3rd trimester (stillbirth) to less than a year old (baby loss). If your loss doesn't fit this timeframe, we welcome you to contact us or try it anyway. Everyone grieves differently, and this book may be just what you need.

Would my loved one like this as a gift?

This will make an excellent gift for anyone; a parent, aunt, sibling, or grandparent.

Do you offer discounts if I send this to hospitals or loss parents in need?

We plan to, but we are currently still figuring this out.

When is the best time to buy this book in my/someone's loss journey?

We recommend this book within the first year of your grieving journey.

Is it okay that I'm more than a year past my loss journey?

Of course! We lost our son on March 25, 2020, and have filled out this journal as I've written it throughout 2022. It's a good grieving buddy at any point in your loss journey. Roughly half of this book focuses on remembering & cherishing your baby, and the other half is general grief & life after loss.

What socials are you active on?

I already have a book like this. Will I benefit from getting yours?

You can never have enough resources. If you've stumbled upon this, this may be your sign to try this one out!

How do I use this book?

-In the first year, fill it out as often as you can or as often as you need it 
-Journal in spaces monthly for missed monthly milestones 
-Then, from there, reflect yearly with birthday thoughts until your baby reaches 21 years
-Return in 3-5 years after you first received the book (to reflect)

Are you affiliated with @StillLovedFoundation?

Yep! That's us! We send over a thousand birthday cards to babies gone too soon every year.  You can sign up for free. And follow our social accounts.